Exercise for your body and creative soul!

During these sessions we will go on an adventure together, whether you prefer a hike in the woods or ice skating or another outdoor physical activity, we will use these adventures as springboards to talk about where you are stuck and what is keeping you there. Our bodies and minds are interconnected and when we are activating our bodies our minds can often come into clearer focus. With this clarity and adrenaline, we will tackle the emotional hills that you are facing and we will face them together! These sessions will also include elements of expressive arts therapy as a way to ground the work that we do in a concrete way. 

$180/8 weeks

Expressive Arts Therapy Groups

Meet together with others to explore different ways of interacting with yourself and in your relationships through play and art. We will explore drama techniques, visual arts and writing.  


Taking a leap creatively, together!

As your therapist, I will take you on an adventure with your partner, guiding both of you towards healthier ways of interacting and communicating. We will do this collaboratively and likely outside. You can choose from ice skating, cross country skiing, hiking, biking, snow shoeing and hiking! While we are on our adventure there will be natural moments of conflict and this is where I will guide and assist you together on how to better communicate and to listen to each other. Our adventures will also be combined with expressive arts activities such as drawing and role play that will help to elaborate on these new ways of understanding each other. 

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